Text Loans – The Easiest Way To Get A Small Loan Amount In 7 Days


UK money lenders now offer a very flexible and easy way to get a short term loan. It only requires the applicant to send a text message from their mobile phone and avail small loan amounts of $ 100 or more.

See the money in the bank account

See the money in the bank account

This process involves the applicant registering a text loan account with any small, regional, or high street lender or broker. Once activated, the applicant can avail a small term loan “within 7 days” at any time by simply sending a message via SMS or text to the lender. The second in this process is to just wait a few hours to see the money in the bank account, without any credit check or guarantor investigation. This can probably be called the fastest loan service by UK money lenders.

Text loans UK can be called mini loans as it offers only a small amount of money at a time which has to be repaid within a period of 7 days. These are instant loans that get approved easily without any hassle by submitting documents, waiting for the credit check to get cleared, or still waiting to get approved for the amount.

Simple and quick text loan process that gets really approved

Simple and quick text loan process that gets really approved

Here you only have the option to apply for a small amount with less terms, of course, to the lender and the claimant, so it can be called a simple and quick text loan process that gets really approved.

Yes, if you want to have access to such a fast text loan service, you just need to visit Google, search for “fast text loans” and you will be ahead of all the leading providers of text loan service (registrations). Sign up with any of the providers you can find reliable and get convenient fast text loans for a minimum of $ 100, with a repayment flexibility of 7 days. You can also look for a text loan company by looking for keyterms like “instant text loans, fast text loans” or other requirements you have.

How to calculate a loan maturity?

Loan maturity is simply the monthly payment that will be reimbursed in the context of a mortgage or consumer credit, here is how to calculate this amount.

A credit that is granted to a borrower will depend on several elements, the duration, the rate, and the amount of financing. These three elements will automatically calculate a due date, also called monthly payment. This is the amount that will be deducted each month from the bank account of the borrower who used the bank to obtain his loan. The amount of the maturity can vary by playing on the rate, the duration, and the amount of the credit, it is, however, necessary to find a happy medium between the need to finance and the capacity to repay.


Defines the deadline according to the need


The first concept to take into account is quite simply the amount of credit that must be financed, most borrowers focus on a need to finance and therefore an amount to be informed in the context of a credit subscription. It can be a large amount, in the context of a mortgage, as a small amount to finance a personal need. This sum will make it possible to define a maximum monthly payment according to the capacity to repay.


From the need to borrowing capacity

From the need to borrowing capacity

The bank advisor who processes a loan request will first take into account the desired amount, he will then check whether this amount can be borrowed and reimbursed under normal conditions by studying the ability to repay of the applicant. It is simply a matter of verifying its debt ratio and its current financial capacity to bear a new charge.


Adjustment with rate and duration

loan rate

The amount of the credit has been defined, from the moment when the borrower is able to repay the amount taking into account his finances, the bank will then articulate the repayment by playing on the duration and the rates. The principle is simple: the shorter the duration, the lower the rate, and the higher the monthly payment, conversely, the longer the duration, the higher the rate, and the lower the monthly payment. At this stage, it is the borrower who will choose the monthly payment and the corresponding rate, the only limit will be their repayment capacity vis-à-vis the legislation on the debt ratio (maximum 33%).

To obtain an estimate for calculating the loan maturity, it suffices to carry out a mortgage loan or consumer loan to obtain an estimate adjusted to its repayment capacity. It’s fast, simple, and most of all free.

Buying real estate: 6 tips to negotiate your real estate loan

Although mortgage rates are always very low, it is not necessarily easier to obtain a mortgage. With the economic crisis, banking establishments are indeed more cautious and restrictive in their conditions for granting loans. To borrow and realize your real estate project, it is therefore essential to ensure that you have a solid file.

Here are 6 tips to negotiate your mortgage

Build up a significant personal contribution

Build up a significant personal contribution

One of the first points the bank learns about is the amount of your personal contribution. Today, for a real estate project, the banks no longer lend without the loan applicant having a personal contribution in the amount of 10 to 20% of the total amount of the credit. This amount is used in particular to cover the additional costs of the purchase of real estate. You should therefore not hesitate to make a sufficiently substantial personal contribution by saving on a Savings account or a home savings plan.


Have a stable job

It is most often essential to work on an open-ended contract to obtain a mortgage. Also, your seniority in the company can be an advantageous argument. In the case of a liberal profession, you will have to justify your income over the last two or three years by submitting a balance sheet to your banker.


Control your accounts

Control your accounts

Make sure you have not been overdrawn during the months preceding your mortgage application because this point will not work in your favor. If, on the other hand, your bank realizes your ability to manage your accounts well, you will gain points by gaining its trust. Then, it is essential that the amount borrowed does not exceed one third of your net income.


Ensure that the file is complete

So that the bank does not doubt your seriousness and not waste time in your efforts, make sure that your mortgage application is complete before submitting it. Note that once the sales agreement has been received, you have 45 days to justify obtaining your credit.


Limit your borrowing period

Limit your borrowing period

By reducing the repayment period of your credit as much as possible, not only will you reduce its cost but you can access a more attractive borrowing rate because the bank takes less risk with you.


Think about the added value of the property finance

By investing in real estate with significant potential, the added value generated during the possible and future resale of the financed property will reassure your bank. Indeed, if the latter knows that in the event of a problem, she can recover the amount loaned through the resale of the financed property (mortgage), she will lend you more easily.

Did these tips help you better understand your real estate project?